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Who we are...

Formation of Big Elk Development, Inc. (BEDI) as an independent nonprofit entity serving the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska was approved by Resolution 22-29 of the Omaha Tribal Council in October 2022.

BEDI is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of up to nine members who are over the age of 25 residing on the Omaha Reservation or within surrounding urban and rural communities.


The purpose of BEDI is to provide housing, economic development, education, training, and small-business lending to support community development and improve the quality of life for all Omaha tribal families on and off the Omaha Indian Reservation. In addition to tribal members residing on the Omaha Reservation, services may be provided to Omaha Tribal Members living off the Reservation and to Native Americans not enrolled with the Omaha Tribe residing in Thurston County, NE, and nearby areas.  Where feasible, services may be extended to non-Tribal Members employed by the Omaha Tribe.  When it is not practical or feasible to restrict services to Native Americans, other disadvantaged populations may be deemed eligible.


The vision and mission statements are the heart of Big Elk Development Inc., encapsulating our ambitions and the essence of our actions. They will be developed with broad community input to ensure they resonate with our shared values and aspirations.

New Houses


To empower the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska community through the preservation of our cultural heritage and create sustainable growth for the prosperity of all our relatives.


Our vision is to harness the power of modern innovation anchored by the deep roots of our traditions in order to build a thriving and sustainable tribal nation by leveraging collaborative partnerships to foster community and economic development.

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