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Business Loans


In late 2023 the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska was approved for up to $1,535,581 of SSBCI funds to operate a loan participation program (LPP).  SSBCI, the State Small Business Credit Initiative, provides funding to promote entrepreneurship, support small business ownership, and increase access to capital across the country, including in underserved communities.

Big Elk Development is partnering with an experienced loan provider, Connect 2 Capital, for processing applications. Connect2Capital believes that a small business loan begins with a single business but creates a long-term ripple effect that helps revitalize areas. Small business loans empower small business owners. The funding enables them to hire their neighbors for full-time, stable jobs. They order new equipment, build new factories, and expand their services. They grow, prosper, and support a sizable—and local—workforce in cities and towns across the U.S.


Connect2Capital is driven to improve our community ethically and responsibly—not generate profits by charging irresponsible rates and fees. They take the time to find the story behind your business, your passion, and reason for being. They look to connect you with lenders who share your passion. Even if you’re not yet qualified for a loan, they’re there for you. They’ll connect you with resources that can help make you credit worthy and financially savvy; setting the stage for “approved” later.


STEP ONE:  APPLY NOW!  The small business loan application can be accessed at Connect to Capital Website or click the button below.


BEDI has a computer available at its offices Monday through Friday during regular business hours where clients can access the website and loan application at no charge. After you have applied and received further information from Connect2Capital, Big Elk staff will be able to work with you and direct you to additional resources that may be needed.

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